Chasses Éternelles by Salon de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage de Rambouillet

Chasses Eternelles is a mix of a book and a magazine, it is a mook. It is not dated, it is out of time, it will last for ever as the hunt, the territories and game it celebrates.

Chasses Eternelles is made of extraordinary stories. The high quality of the hunt, the few piece of game available for legal hunting, the game beauty, the difficulty of its stalking, amazing landscapes and the pureness and the smoothness of the post-hunt activities make these stories so special…

Chasses Eternelles is a bible for the hunter willing to experience new thrilling hunting moments and who wants the best of the hunting industry to live its passion.

Stalking rare, clever and beautiful game our journalists will test on the field in real conditions the best the hunting industry offers in terms of equipment and firearms.

Distribution & Circulation

Chasses Eternelles will by distribute, on a free basis, to hunters by its advertisers and by the Salon de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage de Rambouillet through its visitors when they go home. Chasses Eternelles will be also available on the website

30 000 units of Chasses Eternelles will be circulated.

Artistic & Size

Chasses Eternelles relies on the quality of the pictures published and on its layout.

Chasses Eternelles is a 100 pages mook of 230 mm by 300 mm. Wider than a classic issue Chasses Eternelles will also impose its difference by its size.

Chasses Eternelles N°1 was released at the 20th edition of the Salon de la Chasse April 2016.